Quickbooks Vs Quicken

A Quick Comparison of Quickbooks Vs Quicken

Accounting Software has become one of the primary things in any business. It makes it quite easier for business professionals to handle their accounting issues easily. But when it comes to choosing between Quickbooks VS Quicken then it can be really tough as both of these accounting Software serves a different purpose. Hence, it can be quite difficult to choose one software.

The Quickbooks software is equipped with some advanced level accounting features while Quicken software is designed to manage personal Accounting issues. Along with this, there are various factors on which you can compare these softwares. Below we have compared Quickbooks VS Quicken on various factors.

Features and FundamentalsQuicken Software

  • Quicken Home and Business Features: The Quicken Software is specifically designed to manage your personal accounting with features like Budget Goals, Loan Management, tracking of expenses, etc. the software allows the user to sync their bank account within the software to download and update the transaction easily. Along with this, You can also customize your cash flow reports, expense, etc.
  • Quickbooks Online: QBO is an advanced level accounting software that is equipped with all the accounting features that are required to manage your business properly. Unlike Quicken, Quickbooks online is best suited for small and medium level businesses to keep a track of all the expenses. there are three variants of Quickbooks Online which are started, essential, and plus. It includes features like an invoice, track income, track expenses, print checks, etc.

So if we have to pick software that can manage both personal and business accounting issues then Quicken is more preferable. As the Quickbooks Software can be used for only business purposes however, Quicken Accounting software can be used for both business and personal finances.

Pricing: Quicken vs Quickbooks

  • While choosing the software for your business, the pricing of the software can play a great role. You can get Quicken Software for $99.99 for a year. This pricing will include the Quicken Home and business software.
  • While the Quickbooks Software on the other hand will cost you around $20 a month which is $240 for a year. even If you get the Quickbooks Software at a discounted price then it will still cost your around $210/per year. However, the advanced level accounting features of the Quickbooks Software are worth the price. In Quickbooks, you will get all the basic features of the Quicken Software along with some advanced accounting features.

It is not completely satisfying to compare both these software based on their price as both the software have their own features and functionalities which is worth the prices.

Accounting SolutionsQuickbooks Software

  • If you are thinking about getting Quicken Software because of its low price for your small business then it’s not the right choice. As the Quicken software doesn’t have the required features to manage the data of a business. however, you can use the Quicken Software to manage data of rental business like tracking of tenants, lease, etc.
  • With Quickbooks Software, you will get additional features to easily manage your business. the Quickbooks Software offers to keep a record of all the transactions of the business.

So if compare both the software based on the accounting features then Quickbooks is more preferable as it contains all the accounting features that are required to manage a business.

So these are some of the factors based on which we have compared Quickbooks vs Quicken Accounting Software. If you are looking forward to getting accounting software for your business then you must consider these factors to choose the best accounting software for your business. You have to make sure to choose the best software for your business that can meet your requirement. However, If you are using Quickbooks Software and you have encountered an error because of a damaged Quickbooks Company file then you can make use of the Quickbooks File doctor tool. this tool will automatically detect and fix the issue properly.

If you want to ask anything about the Quickbooks Software then you can send your query to the experts at Quickbooks. They will help you with the best possible solution to resolve the issue.