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Usage Of Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Quickbooks is an Amazing software with advanced level accounting features that makes it one of the best accounting software for business. However, while working on Quickbooks Software, you might encounter some error that needs to troubleshoot quickly. Quickbooks File Doctor tool is one of the amazing tools of Quickbooks Software that can be used to repair or fix Damaged Quickbooks Files. the software is designed to detect and diagnose Quickbooks Errors that occur because of damaged files or network issues. Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

In this blog, we have explained below what are the issues that can be troubleshot with the Quickbooks File doctor tool and how you can download and install this tool on your device. In case, you are getting any kind of error while downloading or installing the tool on your device, then you can ask for assistance from the expert team at Quickbook. They are highly qualified to help you with an efficient solution.

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List of Issues that can be resolved Using QB File Repair Tool

Below is the list of the Quickbooks Error code that can be resolved with the help of the Quickbooks File Repair tool.

  • You can make use of the Quickbooks File doctor tool if you have encountered any of the error that is mentioned below:
    • Quickbooks Error -6000 -305
    • Quickbooks Error 6130
    • Quickbooks Error -6000 -82
    • Quickbooks Error 6150
  • If you are not able to locate the vendor or customer list in Quickbooks Software because of damaged data then you can use the Qb file doctor tool.
  • while trying to login to your Quickbooks account, if you are getting an issue because of network or server problems.
  • Not able to open the damaged Quickbooks Company files.

these are some of the errors and issues in Quickbooks Software that can be resolved with the help of the Quickbooks File Doctor tool. You need to simply download and install the QBFDT in your device and it detects and diagnoses the issue quickly.

Steps to Download and Install Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

  • Open the browser on your device and go to the official website of Intuit.
  • Now open the Quickbooks File doctor download page and click on Download now option to start the download process.
  • Specify the location where you want to save the file and wait until the download completes.
  • Now open the folder where the file is stored and double-click on the “qbfd.exe” file to start the installation process.QuickBooks tool hub
  • Now follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the installation process.
  • The Quickbooks File Doctor tool dashboard will be open automatically. If it doesn’t open then go to the start menu and click on the QBFDT icon to open it.
  • After this choose the file by browsing manually or simply enter the name of the file.Quickbooks File Doctor Tool
  • Choose the file from the list and then mark the “check file damage only” option and then choose the “Diagnose file” option.
    • For Quickbooks 6000 series error, you will be required to mark both the Company file and Network checkbox.
    • If you are facing a Quickbooks H-series error while working on Multi-user access mode then you will be needed to choose the “Network option”.
  • After this, you will be required to enter your Quickbooks Login Credentials to repair the file. If you are using Quickbooks 2011 or older version then you can also update the Quickbooks file.
    • However, It is advised to update the Quickbooks File once the file is repaired. After successfully repairing the file, you can update it later.
  • Click on Repair now and then wait until the process completes.
  • once the file will be repaired, the tool will ask you to open the repaired file. However, If you are using Quickbooks On Multi-user mode then it will ask for the software version with which you want to open the file.

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So this is all about the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool. This tool is available for free on Intuit Website. So if you are required to repair your damaged Quickbooks Files or you have encountered an error because of damaged data in your Quickbooks Software or because of Network issues then you can use the Quickbooks File Doctor tool. It will automatically detect and diagnose the error quickly.

If you are new to the Quickbooks Software and need to learn how to use the QuickBooks Software then you can contact the experts. they will help you to resolve any kind of issue with the Quickbooks software.