Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

Benefits and Usage Of Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

The Quickbooks Auto-data Recovery tool was introduced by intuit. The software is designed to troubleshoot Quickbooks error that occurs because of damaged or lost Quickbooks File. In this blog, we will discuss the Usage of this tool and what are the requirements to use this tool.Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

If you are getting a Quickbooks Error because of Damaged Quickbooks Files then learn how to use the Quickbooks Auto-data Recovery Tool to troubleshoot it. 

Things to Remember While Using Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

In order to avoid any kind of error, While using the Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery tool, Make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • This Software is only available for Windows and For Quickbooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions only. So if you are using Quickbooks Auto-data Recovery Tool make sure you have a Windows device.
  • You can not use the Quickbooks Auto-data recovery tool for the accountant part.
  • If the size of the file is greater than 1.5 GB then it won’t be possible with the Quickbooks Auto-data recovery tool.
  • If you are trying to repair a file with this tool, then make sure to not use an Outdated Quickbooks version.

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Process to Use Quickbooks Auto-Data Recovery Tool

If while using the Quickbooks Software, if you are getting an error because of damaged data or Missing files then you can use the Quickbooks Auto-data recovery tool to recover the lost files and data. We have listed below the simple steps through which you can use this tool. However, If you are looking for some assistance to resolve this issue then you can contact the experts at Quickbooks. They will help you to use this tool and how you can recover your lost data.

Sol: 1 Use .TLG File

If you have lost the recent transaction record in Quickbooks then you can use the Transaction log file to recover your data. Open the Quickbooks Auto-data recovery tool and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Close all the programs and create a new Folder on Desktop with the name “QB Test”.
  • Now open the folder where the file is stored and right-click on it.
  • Copy the file and go to the newly created folder and paste it.

Check Extension of Files

  • Press the Windows+E key to open the file explorer window and then click on the Organize option.
  • Now choose the folder option and then click on the Search option.
  • For users, who are using Windows 10 or later version can simply click on View and then choose the “filename extension” option.
  • After this, Mark the checkbox of the “Hide Extension” option and then click on Apply to save the changes.
  • Now open the Quickbooks Recovery folder and then copy the file with .ADR extension.
  • Paste this file in the newly created folder.
  • Now you have both .ADR and .TLG file in the Qb Test Folder.Quickbooks Tool
  • Now right-click on the .ADR file and then choose the rename option.
  • Now rename the file by removing the .ADR extension and then save the file.Quickbooks Recovery Tool
  • Now Open the Quickbooks Software and go to the Company files.
  • now Open the tools menu and then click on “Verify”.
  • After completely ensuring the integrity of the file. Move the Recovered file to the main folder.

This way you can recover the lost files in Quickbooks. In case, you have encountered a Quickbooks Error because of a damaged Quickbooks Component then download and install the Quickbooks Component Repair tool to fix this error. You can also contact the Quickbooks Expert team if you need any kind of assistance in order to resolve this error.